Over 20 years of experience
in an American market


logo, mood, message

A brand is a way people feel, think or interact with your product or company. It is usually supported by color, visual images, logo, descriptor message, and marketing slogan. Let’s create together, the superb brand image and marketing guidelines for your service, or business.


product, shelf presence

When designing a product, or a package, it is important to think not only about the package itself, and all its display areas, but also about how, or where it will be sold, what products will be next to it, and overall shelf presence. Let’s create together, the perfect package for your product.


web, social, google

Not all the tools available online and on social media are suitable, or even necessary, for your type of business. What media you need, depends hugely on your product, service, market position, desired goal, and budget. Let’s create together, impactful and unforgettable online presence.


trends, palettes, displays

From identifying color trends in the industry, to assessing the way color supports your brand, product, or space. Additionally, we specialize in creating custom color sales kits, color pallets, trend brochures, and in-store paint displays. Let’s create together, cutting-edge color projects.

my story

I have founded AHD in 2001 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I came to Pittsburgh in 1994, as a winner of International Scholarship Competition, to study Visual Communication at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, after finishing my studies at the school of Applied Art and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Since its founding, AHD has set Fortune 500 US companies apart with vivid, innovative design and marketing solutions, and earned numerous design awards. After 20 years in the USA, I have decided to spend time with my family in Slovakia, and continue AHD in Europe.

preferred partner

And because I believe in doing, what I know the best, I have teamed-up with Onlima Digital Agency, for all of your digital and coding needs.

our sample pricing

Sample of projects and their pricing, so that you can get an idea, what things you want or need cost.As with any project, it is important to create a budget. As each design and marketing solution is tailored to your needs and budget,the final pricing is based on the final project specifications.

prices are starting at



  • internal meeting
  • analysis
  • review strategy
  • marketing consulting
  • suggestions



  • six different logos
  • two sets of revisions
  • one final design
  • color selection
  • digital formats



  • three different drafts
  • one set of revisions
  • one final design
  • two line extensions
  • digital formats



  • market position
  • information organization
  • content and visuals
  • photography
  • programming

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